Friday, April 8, 2011

Is spring really here?

*sniff sniff*  Yup, I think that's spring in the air!  Time to really start working on the garden.  Hubby and I have spend the last month or so planning out our garden.  We have seedlings growing in our indoor greenhouse.  We have drawn a map of our back yard and planned where everything is to go.  We have ordered and received our seeds.

Our goal is to plant and preserve enough to meet most of our needs for fruits and vegetables.  We all know that diabetics aren't the only ones that need to follow a healthy diet.  That's true for everyone.  However, diabetics have consequences tied to their eating habits that many do not.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Today, hubby and I went to a local department store (a local one with a rural flare).  This weekend they're having no sales tax plus a lot of things on a great sale.  We were able to find fruit trees for only $20.99 each (normally $29.99 plus tax).  Our plan is to plant three to five dwarf fruit trees along the back fence of our property.   We found three trees we like (two varieties of peach and a golden delicious apple), so we'll be planting those tomorrow.  The rest of the fruit tree varieties seemed to be semi-dwarf or full-size.  For our other two, we might consider pear or cherry.  We have plans to eat some of the fruit as it ripens, but also learn how to preserve what we will need for the coming year.

Gardening brings me joy.  I love seeing my basement cupboard full of jars containing foods that we have grown and preserved.  Yes, I have a lot of pickles, but we love pickles.  The joy in serving those pickles to my family makes it worth the effort needed, and then some.

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