Thursday, April 28, 2011

Type Awesome

Tonight I was listening to DSMA Live and the topic of those who support those of us with diabetes came up.  Some use the term Type 3.  I've always called my support system "hubby and kids."  That works most days, but then I also have extended family and friends who come into my cheering section.  So what term doesn't sound medical but yet describes these people that love us and support us?

Team Awesome!

Everyone listening agreed!  Team Awesome is the best way to describe the people in our lives that love us, watch out for us, comfort us, take care of us, and put up with us.

Thanks for everything, Rachel, who was tonight's guest on the show.   I loved hearing your perspective! 


  1. you ARE awesome, too :)

  2. Totally awesome! :-)

    Thanks so much for listening Sue! It's very much appreciated. When are we going to get YOU on the show?