Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfect diabetic?

Ginger Vieira's vlog entry, The Perfect Diabetic, got me thinking.  Is there such a thing?  Is it humanly possible to eat the right amount of carbs, exercise the right amount, and take the right amount of medication if needed?  If I watched everything and did it all the "right way," would my glucose level be the ultimate physician's dream?  I can answer that question with just two letters...

N - O !

There are so many more factors that what we can control.  Various types of stress - emotional and physical.  This week I've dealt with throwing out my back, a bad cold, a sick child, a sick husband, someone I know being seriously injured, worrying about my oldest child's future plans, wondering what's for dinner, etc.  All of these things also can affect my glucose level.

Ginger starts off this vlog episode with my absolute two favorite words about this disease:
Yes, it sucks!  As Ginger states, it sucks regardless what "type" you have.  None of us chose to become diabetic.  Not a single person would voluntarily chose to have a disease where you could become blind, lose a limb, or even lose your life.  It's scary stuff!

As I've already mentioned, stress can make things worse.  That is why it's important that people with diabetes try not to stress about being perfect.  No one is perfect!  No one!  That's why the diabetes police need to back off a bit.  Your concern is great, but we put enough pressure on ourselves.  (I love how he says we're all different in our diabetes management. "We're like snowflakes."  *snicker*)

Yes, I make mistakes.  No, I'm not perfect.  But I'm learning from my mistakes and trying to do better.  I'm still going to have that piece of cake every once in a while.  I'm ok if my glucose level goes a little high every now and then.  As long as my overall health is good, then I'll be fine.

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  1. Nobody is perfect. No matter how they may portray themselves online, nobody is. Whenever I have tried perfection w/ diabetes, I have burnt out fast and hard with an A1C higher than when I'm going about my way with moderation. What matters is feeling healthy, not being perfect, absolutely.