Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fill in the _______. Finding humor in diabetes.

From DSMA: Diabetes is hard, but finding the humor in things goes a long way toward helping us cope.  So this month we invite you to giggle a bit and finish the following sentence:

If I didn’t laugh about _________ then I would ________. 

Wow.  That is an easy one, but yet difficult because it's so easy.  Of course the easy answer is:
"If I didn't laugh about diabetes, then I would go crazy."

It seems a little too easy.  But is it really that easy?  Is it really that easy to laugh at diabetes?  Diabetes is scary!  My grandfather lost both of his legs to diabetes.  I recently saw a rerun of Extreme Makeover Home Edition that featured a couple that are both blind (one totally, one legally) due to diabetes.  Diabetes is a silent killer.  A person with diabetes might look perfectly healthy while fighting for his/her life.  It's a disease that is misunderstood and often dismissed as a well-deserved punishment for poor life choices.

How do I find the humor in diabetes?  It's not always easy.  If I'm eating too many carbs for a snack or meal, my husband teasingly calls me a "bad diabetic."  He says it with a snicker and love in his eyes.  He's not trying to turn into the diabetes police, but trying to find a humorous way to say, "Hey, I love you and want you to take care of yourself."  How many people can talk about being "high" legally?  Don't take things too seriously.  Have fun and find something positive out of every challenge.

Have fun with diabetes.  Laugh at it!  Yes, diabetes sucks.  Yes, we're all sick of it, but until a cure is found we're stuck with it.  Humor helps relieve stress.

I found this video before I got to know these two awesome people online (Cherise and George).  It was the laugh and understanding I needed at the time.  Humor is good medicine!

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  1. This is great! A great point with the video, too. Thanks, Sue!

  2. I don't think a PWoD wouldn't get the joke about getting HIGH! very funny!!! I agree with diabetes in Humor goes hand in hand. If we do not laugh about the highs and lows, we would go CRAZY. Thank you for the shout out and participating in the blog carnival.

  3. Oh man! I love that video! They need to make a sequel soon! :)


  4. So true - although we need to remember how serious diabetes is, we need to see the humor too or we'll go insane!! Thanks for linking one of my favorite D-Videos too!! Did you know my husband tends to sing that song at random times. ;)