Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go with the flow

Our children are on spring break this week.  I try to schedule appointments for after school or non-school days like today, so we had a dentist appointment for all five children scheduled for today.  We actually drive almost two hours for this awesome kid-friendly dentist.  Unfortunately about an hour and a half before we were scheduled to leave, my middle daughter decided to check her temperature because she had a headache.  101.4  *sigh*  I call hubby and fill him in.  Then I called the dentist's office.  It was so hard for me to cancel five back to back appointments.  However there was no way I could take a child with a fever into the office, I couldn't leave her home alone, and I couldn't leave her with anyone.  The wonderful lady at the dentist's office worked with me to find a new appointment time. With five kids and avoiding pulling them out of school, scheduling gets rather tricky.  Unfortunately we weren't able to get an appointment until early-June

We've spent the day being pretty lazy.  The kids have been munching on the snacks that I bought for the drive.  Now two of them are playing outside even though it's a little chilly and overcast.  I'm tempted to sneak over to the Y for a bit an get a workout, but I might just wait for hubby to get home so we can go to the Y together after a quick dinner.  We had planned to get take-out on our way back into town so I've decided to stick to that plan.

As I walk around the house checking on my children, I am thankful of all the blessings God has given us.

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