Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday preparations

Today is Friday. I've finished my morning shift at work and now my weekend preparations begin. Tomorrow my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law are coming to visit for two days. Our middle daughter's 11th birthday is on Sunday. It's going to be a busy three days! I'm hoping before lunch to have the foyer clean. I need room for the cases of Girl Scout cookies that middle child sold. Those will be picked up at her cookie mom's house after school today. I also need to prepare an area to start our tomato and pepper seeds which I meant to do at least two weeks ago. Of course the room needs a general tidy since we have some toys in there right now.

After lunch I plan to go to the store to buy simple things that we stock up on at the beginning of the month (toilet paper, etc.). I'll be lucky if I get that all put awy before I'll be off to pick up the kids from school. After dropping them off, I'll need to pick up the cookies I mentioned above. Hopefully the kids will do some cleaning while I'm picking up the cookies. Then I'll come home and start dinner. No, I have no idea what we're having tonight, but I'm going to the store after lunch, so I'll figure it out then. Hubby and the kids were supposed to make up a menu for the month this past weekend, but that didn't happen. Maybe I'll have the kids come up with a menu for the rest of the month as well.

How does this craziness relate to diabetes? Well, let's see. Many times busy moms forget to take care of themselves as they run around taking care of the kids. I sometimes forget to eat, drink water, or test my blood sugar. It's doubtful that I'll get a chance to work out at the Y though SprarkPeople lists "heavy cleaning" as cardio, so I might be saved. 

If I want to get that foyer done before lunch, I'd better publish this post and get busy.  I'd love to hear how others make sure to take care of themselves with a sometime chaotic schedule.

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