Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday thoughts

There are only a few minutes left in the day, so let's see where this post leads us.  This week has been full of subbing and working at the Y for me.  I'm really going to miss subbing over the summer.  The kids are great!  I love when I see them in the hall, and they come over to give me a hug.  When I'm heading toward my classroom, sometimes I see a student that is asking who I'm subbing for that day, disappointed if I'm not in their classroom.  Yesterday, I was the sub for my middle one's class.  At first she was trying to act upset, but the excitement snuck through.  We had a great day without too much embarrassment.  The other students "forgot" I was her mom after the first 5-10 minutes. 

Today I got the ultimate compliment.  I was subbing for two classrooms while they took turns with meetings (one classroom in the morning, the other in the afternoon).  When they saw me come into the school and start walking toward their classrooms, their eyes lit up and they were smiling wide.  Both teachers shared with me how excited they were to see me.  My eyes welled up with tears.  One of the aides came in and said the same thing.  They have no idea how much their words meant to me!  It's one thing to get that type of compliment from a student.  To get such kind words from two veteran teachers whom I respect greatly... words just can't express how I feel!

Summer vacation starts very soon.  As much as I will enjoy some downtime with my own children, I will also miss the students that I have worked with this year.  I'm sure I'll see them around town, though.  Looking forward to what the future holds.

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