Friday, May 6, 2011

Why isn't there public outrage?

Please watch this video:

According to the International Diabetes Federation, "There are currently over 300 million of people living with diabetes around the world. If nothing is done, this figure will rise to 500 million within a generation."  The above video shares some words from the President of the International Diabetes Federation, Jean Claude Mbanya.  At the one minute mark, he says, "Yet there is no sense of urgency or public outrage" about the above statistic.

More people will die from diabetes than AIDS or breast cancer combined.  Scary, isn't it?  Yet we see sympathy for those with AIDS.  Public outcry for those with breast cancer.  Diabetics?  Oh, they did it to themselves.  They get no sympathy.  They pretty much deserve it for being a bunch of lazy, couch potato, over-eaters.  WRONG!

No, I'm not trying to take away from the urgency to find a cure for AIDS or cancer.  A family friend died from AIDS.  My father had prostate cancer.  A friend of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  What I'm asking for is understanding that finding a cure for diabetes is just as important as finding a cure for AIDS or cancer.

Please understand that there should be a sense of urgency and public outrage.  One of three children will wind up with diabetes in their life if something isn't done now.  Due to genetics, the odds for my children are much higher.

How can you help?  Educate yourself.  Learn the risks for Type 2 diabetes.  Understand that it's not just a disease that affects older overweight adults.  Children and young adults are also getting diagnosed, even at healthy weights and lifestyles.  Learn the difference (and similarities) between Type 1 and Type 2.  Learn about the complications that we fear every day.

Then help support organizations that are working toward a cure.  You already know that I'm doing the American Diabetes Association's walk, Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.  Sponsor me, join my team, or create your own team and join a walk close to you. 

One last thing.  Pray.  Pray for a cure. Pray for those with diabetes that they will remain complication free.  Pray for those who are not so lucky.  Pray for their families and friends as they support someone they love with a chronic incurable disease (our Type Awesome).  Pray for those with diabetes who have not yet been diagnosed.  Pray for those who cannot afford their supplies - testing supplies, medication, insulin, syringes, etc.  And pray for those yet to develop diabetes, that we can find a cure before their lives are forever changed.

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