Monday, May 9, 2011

Admiring our differences

(Day #1 from D-Blog Week.  Posting from my phone tonight)

When I was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes in early 1993, the internet was unknown to most of us.  Yes, some knew about newsgroups and the like, but the internet as we know it now was in its infancy.  By the time I was carrying my second child three years later, the ADA has started growing its website and sharing information electronically.

Three years ago, when I was diagnosed with Type 2, I knew that I could find support via the internet. The amount if information is almost overwhelming. Type 1. Type 2. LADA. Gestational. It's all there!
Most of the DOCs (diabetes online community) that I've "met" are Type 1. I couldn't even imagine. Our day to day struggles are so different... or are they. Type 1s and Type 2s might have a different type of diabetes but we have so much in common.

We all have to watch our carbs. We all need to exercise. We all have to watch our glucose levels. We all fear the sane complications. We all pray for a cure!

Our differences? I don't have to inject insulin. My body makes plenty of that, but doesn't want to use it. Other Type 2s take oral medication. Me? Diet and exercise. Am I ever jealous of those who can bolus for a slice of chocolate cake? I have to admit, yes a little. However, I know I'd rather take a walk to combat the sugar high.

Even though we're different in our type and management, I am blessed by the many people in the DOC that I can call family.  We're all in this together.

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