Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stream of Consciousness (#HAWMC)

Today's Wego prompt: Stream of Consciousness Day. Start with the sentence “This morning I looked in the mirror...” just write, don’t stop, don’t edit. Post!

This morning I looked in the mirror and I saw a woman who is more confident today than she was 20 yrs ago.  I didn't see "a woman with diabetes." I saw someone who has grown in confidence as she helps her children do the same. I saw a woman who is proud of her accomplishments, but still has more to do. A woman who is sometimes, far too often, unsure of herself. A woman who surprises herself when she takes those leaps of faith. Am I proud of that woman I saw in the mirror this morning even with all of her imperfections? You bet!

Image credits: Today's picture was found here.

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