Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring & Exercise (#dsma)

This month's DSMA blog carnival prompt: Does the sunshine and warmth of Spring urge you to change up your exercise routine? If you don’t have an exercise routine, does it inspire you to start exercising? And if it’s not Spring in your corner of the world, what season are you heading into and how does it impact your fitness routine?

I love this weather!  I love watching everything come alive.  I love watching the grass turn bright green.  I love watching the leaves grow on the trees.  Of course, I also love being outside!  I love going for walks in the neighborhood and hikes in the woods.

I wish I could say I have a regular exercise routine.  I did when I was home full-time.  Once my youngest started school and I started subbing, any chance of a regular exercise routine went out the window.  However I realize I need to get back into a regular routine with watching my carbs and exercise.  So yes, spring is inspiring me to restart.

Last spring, one of our dogs developed a herniated disk.  She also needs to be part of an exercise routine to keep her weight down which will keep her from having issues walking.  Maybe I should consider putting both of us on an exercise plan together.  Since she can't play soccer with the children in the backyard anymore, going for walks in the neighborhood would be a good way to get both of us fresh air and exercise. (Yes, the vet has cleared her for walks; actually encouraged it.)

I'm looking forward to doing more than traditional exercise as the weather warms up.  Hubby and I are making plans for this year's vegetable garden with the kids.  It's amazing how many carbs working in the garden burns off! I've actually had to stop working in the garden and treat lows in the past.  As long as I'm smart about it, I should do fine.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. I agree, gardening is great exercise!! I once did a bunch of yardwork and then had a rare McDonald's meal and didn't even spike (which is unbelievable). I think it's great to sneak in some unconventional exercise. :) And those traditional walks sound great for both you and your doggie.