Saturday, April 20, 2013

Diabetes Burnout (#HAWMC)

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Today's WEGO prompt: (There were two prompts)
1- Write about burnout. What does it feel like? What are your burnout triggers?
2- What gets you OUT of the pit of despair when nothing is going your way?

During this month, many of the prompts list two options.  I pick the one that inspires me.  However, for today's prompt, I feel one leads into the other.  I don't feel it's fair to talk about burnout without also talking about what helps me out of it.

I will admit that I fall victim to burnout quite often.  I get tired of watching carbs. I get tired of exercising. I get tired of being "Super Diabetic."  I already play the role of "Super Mom" so wearing two capes weighs me down.

When I experience burnout, I just want to sit around, feeling sorry for myself.  I want to eat as much thick crust pizza as possible without throwing up.  I want an large chocolate shake.  Too often, I pretend like diabetes doesn't exist.  Yes, it scares me when I think what I'm doing sometimes.  For example, I just ate two servings of mashed potatoes for dinner.  Yes, I regret it.  Yes, I'm beating myself up about it!

What can I do about it once it's done though?  What's done is done.  Is there really a point of beating myself up over something I can't undo?  (Well, not without being accused of having an eating disorder.)  All I can do is pull myself up by my bootstraps and move on.

How do I get the motivation to move on?  Sometimes through my family.  My hubby is great and very encouraging. However, often it's nice to talk to someone who has been there.  Quite often I'll lean on members of the DOC (diabetes online community).  Usually I'll post on Facebook or Twitter asking for some support.  Sometimes I'll write on my blog.  Even if no one replies, getting it out helps a lot.  Sometimes I'll go to the Y and walk around the track or walk on the treadmill.  Drinking a glass of water or a Diet Coke also helps (water is always the healthier option!).

The most important part of burnout, regardless of condition or situation, is realizing you're not alone, even if it feels that way.  Everyone goes through burnout.  EVERYONE!  Keeping that in mind, remember that "You can do this!"

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