Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting Started (#HAWMC)

Today's WEGO prompt:  Why you write - Tell us a little about why you write about your health online and what got you started.

I started this blog several years ago when someone from the ADA Type 2 message board asked if anyone had a blog.  If so, they wanted to read it.  I had thought of blogging, but didn't know what to blog about.  That post gave me the nudge I needed to start a blog about my life as a person with Type 2 diabetes.  Of course my life is more than diabetes.  My user name on that message board is RFamHere, and I tend to ramble.  RFamHere's Ramblings was born!

After looking around the internet to find inspiration for my blog, it saddened me to see that so few Type 2s blog.  I found plenty of blogs written by people with Type 1 or parents of children with Type 1, but not so many by Type 2s.  I didn't let that discourage me.  I knew that other would be looking as well.  Why not help get things going.  Maybe if I started a blog, others would, too!

Do you blog?  If not, why don't you start?  It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  It doesn't have to be a health issue.  What are you passionate about that you'd like to share?  Parenting, religion, literature, funny pictures you find on the internet?  The joy of blogging is writing about whatever motivates you.

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