Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday bliss

Yesterday was my 40th birthday.  Wow!  Really?  Am I really that old?  I remember when I was little, thinking about the year 2000.  That seemed like so far away.  And that would be the year I would turn 30 years old.  So old and so far away.  Well my 30's have come and gone.  Now I'm in my 40s.  A few people have asked me how I feel about turning 40 years old.  Given the alternative, I'm thrilled!  Honestly!  I embrace turning 40!  I rejoice in turning 40!  I even wore a t-shirt to church yesterday that said, "This is what a really cool 40 year old looks like."  (Thanks to my online friend for the great gift!)  Of course that lead to a friend of mine announcing to the whole congregation that it was my 40th birthday, but I'm ok with that.  We all got a good laugh and I've sworn my revenge.  MUHAHAHA!!!

My husband and daughters spoiled me!  The morning started off with me playing the kitten while hubby made me breakfast - a delicious omelet with ham, onion, and cheese.  The girls and I went to church.  When we returned home, I was surprised that hubby didn't have something yummy cooking for lunch.  He mentioned he needed to go to one more store and told the girls to keep their shoes on.  I assumed he was going to take a couple of them to the store with him and bring home something to whip up for lunch.  What a special treat to find out that he was taking us out for lunch!  We went to my favorite Asian buffet where they serve some special treats on Sundays, I found out.  (Typically we go there during the week.)  I was able to try mussels and frog legs.  The coconut shrimp was delicious!

On the way home, hubby stopped at a store and came out with a HUGE balloon shaped as the number 40.  He had been teasing me for over a month that his birthday present to me was going to be a balloon - just one balloon.  Oh, with a fun size Snickers bar attached (which he added to the balloon when we got home).  Most of the afternoon I was able to just lay around and be lazy.  It was great!  After a delicious dinner of steaks on the grill, sweet potatoes, and garlic potatoes (for the kids), we had present time.  I had told my husband that the kitten and all of her stuff was my gift and I needed nothing else.  Of course he didn't listen. 

Since most of my wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts (I'm at home full-time, working part-time at the YMCA's drop-in nursery), he bought me two pairs of slacks to help build up my wardrobe when I start substitute teaching this fall.  My older two had helped sort for our church's rummage sale, so they were able to pre-shop a bit while helping.  The oldest bought me a round throw pillow that has a cat's face on it because of the new kitten.  The second one got me a skein of yarn and some wooden knitting needles.  I don't have any wooden needles so I was excited about them.  The youngest two made me birthday cards which is always a special gift.  (The middle one was camping with her Girl Scout troop and came home Sunday afternoon - present enough for me!)

We had German chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting.  My favorite!  (Yes, I bought it and said, "This is the cake I want." hehe)  After cake and ice cream, we sat around and watched TV.  I was thankful that my blood sugar levels were behaving for the festivities.  Yes, a little high, but better than I was expecting.  As I blew out the candles, I wished for two things.  That seemed fair since I had two candles, a 4 and a 0.  I know you're not supposed to tell, but I'm going to need help with these wishes. 
  1. A life-time of happiness for my children
  2. A cure for diabetes
I'm so blessed to have reached 40 yrs old and look forward to the next 40 yrs!

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