Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday night ramblings

I haven't written on my blog in over a week so I thought I'd post, even if it's mainly ramblings.  I have had some minor slip-ups with my diabetes, but overall not too bad.  I'm at a major plateau with my weight loss.  I only have about 10-15 lbs to lose, but I've been going back and forth with the same two pounds for a month.  I think I need to get back to limiting my carb intake, better glucose control, and increasing my water intake.  If I can do those three things and keep up with my current exercise routine, I should be able to lose those last few pounds.

Life with the kitten has been good.  We've had Josie for two weeks now.  She made quick friends with the dogs.  Sadie, our almost seven year old beagle mix, pretty much ignores her.  She plays with the kitten now and then, but likes to be left alone for the most part.  Of course she thinks that Josie is going to steal her bone, so if the kitten gets to close, Sadie will take it to another part of the house.  Mira, the one year old husky-shepherd-collie mix, absolutely adores her!  She had a special bond with our previous cat, a female orange tabby named Tigger, who passed away July 2009.  It's been obvious with the way she's been reacting to other cats that she really missed having a cat around.  She snuggles with Josie, even allowing her to pounce and grab at her face.

She has her snuggly times and has her hyper kitty times.  When we let her out in the morning, she loves to run around.  There are several times during the day when she'll willingly snuggle up and take a nap on someone's chest or lap.  She usually takes a nap during dinner or right before the younger ones go to bed.  Then she's in major hyper kitten mode - darting across the house; climbing furniture, her cat tree, or even people; pouncing on anything that moves.  Feet and dog tails are fair game!  (Another reason to wear shoes as much as possible.)

I love her snuggly times.  I let her nap on me as much as possible in hopes that she'll be a lap cat.  Our previous cat was pretty much hand's off, though she did have her cuddle moments.  With recurring bladder infections, even on prescription food, she was often uncomfortable and not always in an affectionate mood.  Yes, I know that cats are not owned, they're served.  It's a pleasure to serve little Miss Josie, even as she tries to pounce on my fingers as I type.

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