Saturday, April 10, 2010

My birthday list

Thinking about what I want for birthday, my list sounds like hearing Amy Grant sing "Grown Up Christmas List."

  • Peace in every nation
  • End to poverty and hunger
  • Happiness always for everyone
  • All diseases cured - diabetes included
Of course that list will take a while, I've asked for one thing that's as close as I can imagine to peace and happiness - a kitten.  Yes, my main birthday wish is a new cat for our family.  My hubby has been reluctant.  When our cat passed away last summer, he wasn't ready to get another cat.  I gave him time.  As the pain eased up, the bliss of not having a litter box took over.  I guess having his wife and several of his children ask over and over (plus his wife sending him pictures of cats from our animal shelter's website) finally broke him down.  On Tuesday he agreed to getting another cat.  By Tuesday afternoon, I had visited the animal shelter and had one picked out.  We visited a couple more times then we brought her home on Thursday.

Josie is a pretty little girl, a calico with subdued gray on top with tan spots and a white belly.  She loves to sleep on my lap which I hope will continue because I'm really hoping for a lap cat.  With five kids and two dogs, she's not lacking playmates.  I've had to institute forced naptime for the kitten, though more because of the kids.  I feel she needs to have occasional breaks from their play.  We have an area in one of the bathrooms set up for her with a litter box, food dish, bed, and toys.  Thankfully there's a part of the bathroom that we were able to put up a baby gate just high enough off the floor so she can get under it but the dogs cannot so she has some space away from them (and they can't snack on her food or her box).  When we're not able to supervise her or I feel she needs "naptime" away from the kids, we close the bathroom door.

Today is the last day of my 30s.  I have all I could want - my husband, my children, and my new kitten.  Of course I'd also love world peace and a cure for diabetes.  Maybe next year!

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