Thursday, January 20, 2011

Evening reflections

It's about 10pm here and I'm reflecting on the day.  For the most part the house is quiet.  Gentle music is playing in the background joined by the sound of my husband asleep in the recliner.  It looks as though he has also caught the cold bug.  Today was a very busy day, but it was a good day.  I was able to run some errands this morning as I only subbed this afternoon.  However my limited time made the errand running a little more crunched for time than I would like.  After finishing off some paperwork at home, I got #4's glasses fixed, picked up lunch for hubby and me, delivered hubby's lunch to his office (needed to have a secretary unlock his office so I could put it on his desk), took #4's glasses to her school as well as a note for one of my scouts, and then went to sub in a fifth grade class for the afternoon.

One of the first things a member of the class said to me was that they had a habit of scaring off substitute teachers.  Oh yeah, I remember this class.  I had them for art not too long ago.  I reminded them of this as well as my answer when I was given the same warning earlier this month.  "I have five children.  You don't scare me."  We had a good afternoon, though this group gets chatty if not reminded to keep the volume down.  Trust me, they're not the first class that is chatty and they won't be the last. 

There are times that I do reflect, "What scares me?"  Bugs and creepy crawlers don't scare me, but heights and closed in places do.  But then I think some more.  What really, really scares me?  My number one fear is not being there for my children. I think this is every mother's worst fear.  We signed up to raise a little helpless baby into a mature, responsible adult.  It is also my responsibility to take care of myself so I'm around to guide my children into adulthood.  I am to do all I can to make sure that happens.

Tonight before I go to bed, I will take my vitamins, get on my pajamas, and before I go to sleep I will ask the Lord to watch over my children and husband.  I will ask His blessings on them, that they may be happy and healthy.  Then I will drift off into dreamland... dreaming about a cure!

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