Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to ramble

One of my biggest frustrations about being an atypical Type 2 is trying to find other Type 2s like me.  If I find someone my age who has diabetes, they're typically Type 1.  Yes, I love talking to Type 1s.  We honestly do have a lot in common about our diseases.  We all have to watch our carb intake (not calories).  We all have similar fears about eyesight and toes.  However, it's not totally the same.  Type 1s deal with injections or pumps on a daily basis.  Not all Type 2s deal with insulin or even oral medications. 

As I search diabetes blogs for someone "like me," I find pages upon pages of blogs from Type 1s or the parents of Type 1s.  When I do find a blog of a Type 2, often times it's someone who falls in the stereotype or a person who is needing insulin.  I know there are plenty of young, atypical Type 2s out there, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I still love reading blogs of Type 1s like Kerri at Six Until Me.  Kerri has been my inspiration and motivation to really work on this blog that still needs so much work.  So many times I nod understanding what she is going through, especially during her pregnancy last year.  Although I dealt with gestational diabetes during my pregnancies and not Type 1, Kerri and I did have some similar issues and concerns.  Yes, my last child was born over six years ago and her daughter just last year, but I felt a bond with her as I read her posts.  I still do.  Yet, something for me is lacking.

Missing is that bond with other Type 2s.  People trying to manage their glucose levels with diet and exercise alone.  People who are not the norm.  Honestly, I should be used to being "different" by now.  Afterall, being the mom of five isn't exactly common place these days.  Perhaps I need to keep looking for the commonalities I have with the other people with diabetes I meet, regardless of the type or treatment method, instead of getting down about our differences.  No, it's not impossible to find someone "just like me," but there are so many awesome people who are close enough.  So many people that are so awesome that I shouldn't push aside.

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  1. I know I've kind of slipped away in blogging about my adventures in managing T2 w/ diet and exercise - because of burnout. I'm glad you've come to both of my blogs even so. :)