Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SNEEZE! *sniffle*

Besides being the mom of five, I also have two paid jobs:  substitute teacher for our school district and worker at the YMCA's drop-in nursery.  I love working with children, but the germs that come with the jobs aren't a benefit that I enjoy.  This evening I started sneezing.  Now I'm stuffed up.  Luckily I've been taking a multivitamin with an extra vitamin C, so I hope I'm able to fight off this cold quickly.

This makes me think about how my diabetes may or may not affect illnesses and how illnesses may or may not affect my diabetes.  When I'm sick, there are times I don't want to eat at all and other times when I want to eat everything in sight.  Both are not good for glucose control.  Then of course stress of any kind (emotional or physical) can mess with glucose levels.  For many people with diabetes, their numbers can be all over the place with just a simple cold.

Thankfully my glucose levels rarely go into a dangerous level.  Even when I go pretty low, it's high enough for me to realize something is going on, test my glucose, and treat the low.  Yes, I realize how "lucky" I am and thank God often.  I say "lucky" because no one with diabetes is lucky, but I do feel truly lucky that I have no yet dealt with the extreme highs and lows that many others have.

Still praying for that cure, but in the mean time I'll take care of this cold with another cup of tea and my vitamins.

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