Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pizza is a vegetable???

According to this article, Congress is considering calling pizza a serving of vegetables for the school lunch program even though the amount of tomato paste is less than a serving of tomatoes.  I believe they are also planning on doing this with french fries as well, claiming ketchup as a vegetable.

I'm coming down with a cold and plan to go to bed in just a few minutes, so I can't fully articulate how absurd I think it is that a frozen food company is dictating to Congress the definition of a vegetable - and that Congress is agreeing that it's a PIZZA!

Now if that pizza looked like this, I would possibly back down from my argument:

However, we all know that society has already convinced our children that this type of pizza is to be avoided, if not feared.  Children learn at an early age from society that the only vegetable they are to like is the ketchup they dip their fries in or the sauce that is between the bread and cheese on their pizza.

Now I will admit that I'm ok with pizza in general.  As a matter of fact, my family had pizza for dinner this evening. (Talk about irony!) 

However, I don't serve pizza to my children and say, "Here, kids! Eat your veggies!" 

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