Friday, December 16, 2011

The Diabetic Substitute

Many of my blog posts mention my position as a substitute teacher. I've talked about the changes in my daily schedule while juggling family life. Some days, I don't find out if I'm subbing until that morning.  I typically find out by 6:30 am and leave about an hour later. Perhaps the trickiest part about being a sub in the variable lunch periods.

Depending on the teacher's schedule (or program assistant, aka teacher's aide), my lunch break can start as early as 10:30 am or as late as 12:30 pm. It can be tricky to keep glucose levels in check, especially if I don't know when my breaks are until I get to the school. As a result, I started carrying snacks with me. Today I had some pretzels in my bag. When I'm a program assistant, I may keep a granola bar in my coat pocket to eat during recess.

Although I find the schedule tricky some days, having a snack on hand helps. I rarely have situations where my glucose levels go high. Typically mid-morning or toward the end of the school day is when I need a little snack. If I forget a snack when I really need one, I might be able to fall back on treats in the teacher's lounge (vending machine or on the table to share), a portion of the lunch I brought, or the school nurse when all else fails.

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