Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Pig-Out

November and December are two of my favorite months for one reason - holidays! Thanksgiving brings me great joy as we discuss with the kids how thankful we are. They realize how fortunate we are as we discuss what others do without. My heart fills with joy and pride as they do things to help others.

The season of Advent is filled with anticipation as we celebrate the coming of the baby Jesus. Yes, I have to admit that the children are also excited about Santa Claus. I enjoy decorating the house and listening to Christmas music. This time is also full of reflection and meditation. As a mother, how would I feel in Mary's place? What does the birth of the Messiah mean to me?

Christmas Eve and Christmas are filled with wonder and surprise. Our church's candlelight Christmas Eve service full of lessons and carols will no doubt put a tear in my eye. The anticipation before bed and the excitement of Christmas morning brings out the child in all of us.

As a PWD (person with diabetes), the holidays also have a negative side - all the yummy carb-filled goodies! Cookies, candy, cakes, breads, potatoes - YUM! The lessons of these holidays can also be used to help with the moderation needed to keep glucose levels in check.

Thanksgiving - Being thankful for what I have helps me through this holiday. I am thankful for my medical team. My doctor listens to me and helps me work through my concerns. He also knows that I take the time to educate myself, not accepting things blindly and taking a proactive approach to my health.

Advent - Waiting. Sometimes I need to wait for that piece of cake until my glucose level comes down or wait until after a brisk walk. On the other side, I may need to wait until my glucose levels come up to drive somewhere.

Christmas - The season of giving. I may give someone part of my treats to avoid overindulgence or give myself a nice big salad to counteract the mashed potatoes that call to me. Giving another PWD encouragement that they can get through the holidays complication-free.

PWDs: As we continue through the holiday season, as we face temptation wherever we go, remember these three words: Moderation, not deprivation.

And to the Type Awesomes out there, the ones who support us, please take note of Mike's video as a guide of how to eat with a PWD:

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