Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not a want, but a need

When we come into this world as newborns, wants and needs are one in the same.  A baby wants/needs food, a dry diaper, and to be dressed appropriately.  A normal, healthy newborn doesn't want or need a fancy toy or the latest technology. However, as they get older and become more aware of the world, wants and needs are no longer the same.  A toddler may say they "need" a piece of candy, but at that point we realize that this is a want. 

As we get older, our true needs are few though the list sometimes is littered with wants.  The basic needs are food, water, and shelter.  Yes, we could elaborate that list to say we need a job to support our family so that we can provide these things for ourselves. Yes, we could also say we need a reliable form of transportation.  But how many of the items we put on our "need" list are actually "wants"?

There are many days where I feel I "need" a second working car.  Yes, a second car would make our lives easier, but is this actually a need?  We live in a small town that is blessed with a free public bus system.  In the morning, the kids are dropped off at their respective schools.  If I'm subbing, my husband drives and also drops me off in the morning.  In the afternoon, we are either picked up by my oldest, a college student, or we take the public bus if the college schedule dictates.  Do we really need a second car?  No.

On the other hand, there is the matter of health.  Being healthy would fall under a need category.  We need to be healthy to work that job to provide food, water, and shelter for ourselves and our family.  There are some illnesses that are not much more than an inconvenience for most people, like a cold.  I suppose getting over the common cold is more of a want than a need, though none of us need to have a cold for any length of time.  (I do realize that for some a cold can be very dangerous, but for the purpose of this blog I am using the general public as an example.)

Then there are illnesses and diseases that are definitely in a "need for a cure" category.  Diabetes of course is one of these diseases.  To the outsider who doesn't see this invisible disease, the need isn't as urgent. Many people thing that with a simple shot or losing weight, people with diabetes can just deal.  The desire for a cure seems more like a want to them. 

To the family of 16 year old Matthew, the need for a cure was very real.  This young man was full of life and full of promise.  Unfortunately he passed away on Saturday from complications due to his diabetes.  Although I have never met Matthew and hadn't heard of him before today, my heart aches for his family.  This blue candle is in memory of him and the others who we have lost due to diabetes.

Another life lost to this terrible invisible disease.  Do we want a cure?  Of course we do, but this has gone beyond want.  It's no longer a desire of our hearts and dreams.  A cure is a genuine need.  A need that is as strong as our need to breathe, our need for food, our need for water.  Please pray with me for a cure.  Please also pray for Matthew's family that they may receive the peace and comfort that they need.

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