Thursday, March 1, 2012

@BestBetesBlogs February 2012 Winners

What an honor to be the host of February's Best of 'Betes Blogs. I so enjoyed reading all the awesome nominations! Without further ado, the winners are... *drumroll*
    Best Use of Humor
    Kim (Texting My Pancreas) had me LOL (literally) while reading her poem Shooting Arrows At Diabetes.

    Best Use of Photography
    Who doesn't like seeing adorable pictures of a little baby wearing a cupcake on her outfit! Lisa's (Lisa From Scratch) pictures are just plain cute!

    Best Advocacy
    Rachel (Tales of Rachel) touched many hearts (including mine!) with her post Be There.

    Best Reference to a D-Celebrity
    Sharing her experiences with Sam Talbot's cookbook, The Sweet Life: Diabetes Without Boundaries, Katie (1LittlePrick) shares her experiences with some yummy recipes that are easy on the carbs.

    Best Story of a D Meet-up
    Catherine (A Diabetic Ballerina) shares with us her touching meet-up with a DTreat friend here.

    Best non-D Related Post
    Life changes aren't always easy. Laura (Houston...We have a PROBLEM!) talks about her upcoming difficult transition from SAHM to single mom.

    Best Post by a Type 1
    Jess (Me and D) shares the ups and downs of diabetes in her blog entry Spilling My Guts.

    Best Post by a Type 2
    Sometimes it would be nice to live in the fairytale Kate (Sweet Success) writes about in the entry A Diabetes Fairytale.

    Best Post by a Type Awesome
    Wendy (Candy Hearts) helps PWDs understand how much our Type Awesomes are affected by diabetes. We can all related to her statement, "I'm not the same."

    Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified
    Getting the equipment you need sometimes involves a disagreement with insurance, illustrated by Ashley (Tales of SWAGing) in her post Dexcom SOS

    Best story of a D-mistake
    Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager with diabetes is even harder. In her first ever blog post, Hannah (type1teenager) shares some mistakes she made and how a brutally honest doctor helped to turn her around.

    Best Motivational Post
    Scott (Scott's Diabetes) reminds us, when trying to clean out the garbage in our lives, how important it is to have a good friend... and a flashlight.

    There were no nominations for the following categories:
    Best Vlog
    Best Recipe
    Best Diabetes Art

      Congratulations to all of the winners! If you would like to have this logo on your blog, please follow the instructions:
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      A special shout-out to those who were nominated or made nominations:
      MariaBobBriley ~ Kate  ~ Jess  ~ Amanda  ~ Brian ~ Sara ~ Scott ~ Scully ~ Mike ~ Colleen ~ Meri
      I had so much fun reading all of the nominations. Thank you for the honor of hosting Best of the 'Betes Blogs this month!

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