Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pet Prayers Please

This is a picture of Mira (said like the space station Mir, plus "uh"), taken in December 2008. She is now three years old and about 70 lbs.

She needs your prayers.

For the past 2-3 months, she has been favoring in right back leg. After vet visits and medication, we were seeing no improvement. Monday night she was let out into the back yard and proceeded to chase after a soccer ball one of my children had just kicked, not knowing the dog was outside. As she turned to try to get the ball, both back legs gave out. My husband quickly got her to the vet (I was not home). She is still there with very little improvement. She can put some weight on her back left leg, but isn't walking as well as she was before (which involved a limp or no weight on the right leg). X-rays show no arthritis, dislocations, etc. At this point we're assuming it's muscular or something with the nerves (my guess). She's been on a different medication since Monday night and they are adding something else today.

We know she will be at the vet again tonight, possibly until early next week, to allow them to watch her and give her strict cage rest. Once she comes home, she will be on cage rest, only getting out to go outside to the bathroom, until she's better. The vet has said we can visit her, but we need to plan that around her trips outside to avoid overuse of her back legs. I'm going to call them and schedule a time either right before or after lunch.

Please pray for Mira and our family. She is dearly missed. Our younger ones keep asking when she'll be home, a question that is on the minds of our older children as well. The youngest one burst into tears when she heard that Mira is not coming home tonight and might have to stay through the weekend. At this point I'm not even worried about the vet bill. I want my sweet girl home!


  1. Oh, poor puppy! :( I'm sending fast-healy-thoughts her way!

  2. So sorry. Pet prayers are on the way.

  3. Oh, poor little Mira!! I'm sending good vibes to her and to your whole family. :(