Saturday, March 24, 2012

Doing Church... With Jazz

I've always loved to sing. As a young child, I would make up songs to sing just for the fun of it. In high school, I was a member of Concert Choir and Madrigals. In college, I was part of a singing group called Epiphany that sang at the weekly worship service. For one semester in college I was even part of a jazz ensemble. I didn't know that experience would be used again.

The church we attend is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination, sometimes affectionately (or not) referred to as "the frozen chosen." Things are typically very proper and in order. This is why I love our pastor - she loves to stir things up a little now and then. Her latest project was to bring jazz into a Friday night vesper service. We have an Episcopal congregation using our building at this time, so their priest go into the fun as well.

As I had promised some members of the DOC (you know who you are), I am posting a video made of this service. I am the one with short hair, purple shirt, to your left (blue jeans and a blue bracelet for Blue Fridays). My oldest, a freshman music major, is playing drums. Our pastor is to my right (your left) and the Episcopal priest is to your right.  I have to admit, I'm a quiet singer. The other vocalist is typically heard over me (which I was very ok with). I also have to admit, we didn't have many rehearsals and we (the two vocalists) messed up... a lot. But we had fun with it. Our reason for being there was to praise God with music. And we did!  ENJOY!

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