Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My blood test results are in.  The nurse called and told me that my triglycerides are up a bit.  My fasting was "good" at 116.  The most frustrating part is that my A1c went up from 6.2 last summer to 6.4 yesterday.  Yes, I know that many diabetics would love to have a 6.4, but I'm still frustrated.  My goal was to be at 6.0 or lower by this blood test.  I go back in six months for another draw plus my yearly physical, so I'm hoping to make a difference by then.

Of course my hubby is going to keep a close eye on me right now, especially since I jokingly(?) swore off carbs at lunch.  I go through almost a binge-purge cycle with carbs, sometimes going very low carb then to the extreme of eating every carb in sight.  The up and down glucose levels are more dangerous than if I had a constant high level. 

It's also frustrating dealing with people who have no idea the ins and outs of diabetes.  Society is so misinformed.  I admit I'm a little vocal about being diabetic.  My main reason is because I don't fall into the stereotype of a Type 2 diabetic.  I am not old and I am not fat.  Yes, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I'm at the top edge of healthy weight for my height.  I feel called to educate people that Type 2 diabetes isn't always a disease of lifestyle.  Sometimes genetics plays a part. 

I also want to raise money to find a cure since my children have such a high risk of becoming diabetic through their family history (me, my mom, my mom's dad, and hubby's dad).  Every day I pray that a cure is found not only to avoid my children getting Type 2, but for their friends who have Type 1.  Some days I feel helpless trying to do what I can only to hit one brick wall after another.  Some day I hope to be able to say I *had* diabetes!

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