Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glucose-induced mood swings

Sometimes I wonder which is worse: PMS or high sugar moodiness.  At least with PMS, I can look at the calendar and give my family some warning.  When my sugar is messed up, that type of moodiness *WHAM* comes out of nowhere.  After school I was a wee bit cranky.    I think within 30 minutes I had gotten upset with each of my five children, even if they didn't know it.  Unfortunately those that knew it, well let's just say they were avoiding me for a while.  Sometimes I think it's glucose related, but other times I have no idea. 

I was telling a friend today about my blog.  The main reason I write here is to keep the whining to my family to a minimum.  I know I need to let out my emotion and frustration, but they don't need to be weighed down by that all the time.  I want my children to know the truth about diabetes (what I have to go through, what my grandpa went through, etc.) enough so they'd be advocates, but I don't want them to be in constant fear for me, my mom, and their dad's dad. 

I need to replace the battery in the meter I carry in my purse or get a new meter.  The battery indicator is on and it's been reading about 20 pts higher than the newer meter I carry in my gym bag.  This morning I scheduled my next blood work - fasting general wellness panel and A1c - for next Tuesday morning.  Hoping for some good results!

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