Saturday, February 27, 2010

Me exercise?

I'm sitting here with my husband, watching the Olympics on tv.  It amazes me how these athletes can excel at sports that I can't even imagine even attempting.  No, I wasn't into sports growing up.  Actually, I took JROTC in high school to avoid taking physical education.  Now mind you, I was not trying to get out of P.E. because I was overweight.  On the contrary, I was underweight when I entered high school.  At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was 5'8" and 113 lbs.  I could eat anything and everything.  I didn't need a lot of exercise. 

Now I'm a little older, a little heavier (though thankfully a relatively healthy weight), and believe it or not - I'm exercising!  I can actually walk the treadmill for an hour, participate in a full class of Zumba, and many other physical activities that I never imagined that I'd do, let alone enjoy.  This last Wednesday during Zumba, I was shocked to find myself actually disappointed that it was time for the cool-down.  Yes, part of my enjoyment of exercise is "faked" as I strive to control my diabetes with diet and exercise for as long as possible.  But I'll have to be honest and say I really do enjoy working out.  I enjoy the satisfaction of getting through a full work-out without giving up (or passing out). 

Now that I'm actually enjoying exercise, I just need to do it more often.

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