Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too cute to be mad

This last Sunday in church, after the children's moment, the youngest wanted to go into the nursery.  I took her down during the readings and made it back to hear the sermon.  After the sermon and a hymn, it was time for the offertory.  The bell choir I'm in played during this time.  Shortly after we started playing our song, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye - or should I say someone.  Yes, my cute little blonde five year old decided to come back into the sanctuary and wanted to be by Mom.  She stood behind me for a little while, then decided to sit on the steps.  Our pastor tried getting my little one to sit by her, but my child wanted to stay put and watch her mom play.  Thankfully she sat there quietly.  My biggest fear is that she'd be disruptive and interrupt our song.  Luckily it only messed me up for a measure or two when she first came down. 

After we finished playing, I scooped her up and we walked back to the pew.  I had a nice little talk with her, explaining that if Mommy is playing bells, she is to sit in the pew with her sisters until I'm done playing.  I couldn't get mad at her - it was too cute and no harm done.

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