Friday, February 5, 2010

Step Out 2010

This past fall, I participated in a local Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes through the American Diabetes Association.  I went alone, not knowing what to expect.  The event was so empowering!  I saw all the people there walking for me and everyone else with diabetes.  Tears were ready to flow but I held them back. 

After that event I was determined to do more.  This year I plan to get a group of local friends to drive together for the walk.  I want to do what I can to find a cure for diabetes so my children don't have to experience this disease first-hand.  I want the Type 1 friends of my children to know life without injections or pumps.  I want the meter companies to come up with a recycling program for all the meters that can be tossed.

I'm looking forward to the start of my 2010 fund raising to help stop diabetes!

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