Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Best Thing

Saturday, November 27: The Best Thing – Yesterday was “Black Friday” when many Americans shopped till they dropped, looking for the best possible gifts. What’s the best diabetes gadget, phone app, book, or other tool you have?

Well, given my current diabetes state (diet and exercise controlled), the obvious answer here would be my glucometer.  I have a meter in my purse at all times plus one in the one in the bag I carry when substitute teach.  I use it when I need to check my numbers as typical, first thing in the morning and after meals.  Then I also use it when I'm feeling "off."  For example, while making dinner with my hubby this evening, I wasn't feeling right.  I was still feeling groggy from an afternoon nap, even though I had woken up about two hours previous, had a headache, and my stomach felt a little queasy.  What was the first thing I did?  Yep!  I had one of the kids bring me my purse so I could get my meter.  Thankfully my numbers were good and I'm starting to feel better.  Praying the bug going around isn't about to hit.

Another gadget that I love is my android phone.  Honestly it does help me in my diabetes management.  I'm a member of a great website called SparkPeople.  They have an android app that works with my account.  From my phone I can enter my food intake and exercise.  I'm able to see the whole picture for my diet, including carbs.  Their database is huge and rarely do I have to manually enter the nutritional information myself. 

These two tools help me manage my diabetes with diet, exercise, and checking my glucose.  Since I love gadgets, I use them often.  Now if I could use the "gadgets" (equipment) at the gym more often.

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