Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a good day overall.  We stayed home and had a simple dinner, just the seven of us (yes, I like saying that).  My husband, as always, made a wonderful dinner.  Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing (technically dressing since we don't stuff the bird...whatever), cranberry sauce (canned and homemade), and gravy.  I added to the meal by making a creamed corn casserole.  There were also some olives, though I don't eat them.  It wasn't my mom's recipe, but it was close.  Dessert consisted of homemade pumpkin pie (hubby) and pudding pie (the only pie I make).  Our second one also made chocolate chip cookies.

 The kids behaved overall.  The holidays wouldn't be the same without a squabble or two (or three or four...).  Dinner was pleasant with a cease fire for almost an hour.  My glucose level went up a little, of course, which made me a little cranky, of course.  Hubby made me drink a little water before I took my little turkey-induced nap. 

I could honestly go to bed for the evening now (little after 9pm), but I'm planning on hitting some midnight shopping.  Then of course there's the 5am shopping as well.  Yes, I'm one of those crazy people.  Living in a small town helps.  The shoppers are usually polite through the craziness.  I already hit two stores today.  I didn't get everything I was hoping for, but I'm not one that gets angry if something sells out or if corporate doesn't send enough to meet our demand.  My hope during my holiday shopping is to be thankful for what we can provide for our children and do it in the loving, giving spirit of Jesus, whose birth we celebrate.

As we go from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season, may your family be blessed with many things to be thankful for!  Every day I thank God for my husband and five children, our extended family, and the many friends that have blessed our lives. 

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