Monday, November 22, 2010

Counting my blessings

This evening I've been working on a project to help someone else that has in turn helped me.  Tonight I have had time to contemplate how lucky I am.  I have had the opportunity to count my blessings.  All too often we take things for granted.  I am blessed to have a wonderful family and a great extended family.  We are also blessed to have a caring church family and lots of friends.  All too often I forget just how blessed we are.

Even when dealing with diabetes, it is easy to lose focus on how lucky many of us are.  Many of us have insurance that helps pay for our supplies and medications, at least in part.  Many of us have access to healthy foods.  Many of us don't think twice about having the resources we need.  However, we do know there are people in the world, more than there should be, that don't have access to diabetes testing supplies, medication, and insulin.  Not everyone has a supporting family with a spouse who will adapt favorite recipes to make them lower carb or a daughter who will step up and raise money for a cure. 

As we prepare for Thanksgiving this week, let us concentrate on our blessings.  Be truly thankful for all that you have and pray for those that aren't as fortunate.  Find a way to help out someone else this week.  Be a blessing in the life of another!

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