Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day!  I started off celebrating by testing my fasting glucose, though I did eat a little beforehand so I'm not sure how accurate it was.  I picked out a blue shirt to wear in honor of the day.  At church I had a couple handouts from the American Diabetes Association that had requested.  I set up a little table in our church parlor with the handouts and a little sign I made with the World Diabetes Day logo

This afternoon, I participated in the Big Blue Test. The idea of this was for World Diabetes Day at 2 pm, test your blood sugar. Get active for 14 minutes (because of it being the 14th). Test again then enter your results at the site.  Due to our 4-H meeting, I had to delay this until 3:30 pm today. At first I was at 123. After a very busy 14 minutes of cleaning, including jogging across the house a few time, my sugar dropped to 67. I had to sit down and eat an apple to make sure I didn't crash further. Diabetes is so unpredictable. I never know when my body will play nice with the insulin and cause a low. More often than not my body resists the insulin and my sugar goes high.

Shortly after finishing the apple, my glucose levels were at 112.  That made me feel better.  However, I then emptied my craft business inventory out of the back of the van to then fill it with my oldest daughter's drum set so she could practice at a friend's house.  She brought the drums downstairs but I loaded them in the van.  To be on the safe side I decided to test when I finished.  I was in the 90s, so I decided another snack was in order.  After a Kashi cookie and a small glass of chocolate Soy Slender, I felt good for the day.  After that roller coaster ride, I allowed myself to have a dinner that was a little higher in carbs.

I was able to use my low to my advantage with the younger children.  Someone was stopping by the house and I wanted to tidy up the foyer, which the kids also use as a playroom (much to their father's dismay).  I was able to enlist their help without complaint once I told them how low my glucose had gone and explaining that I didn't want it to go any lower.  Yes, it was probably a mean stunt, but my foyer is tidy now.

Overall my World Diabetes Day was nice.  I shared my mission with some of the members of my church.  One of the ladies shared that she was diagnosed at 23 yrs old with Type 2 and that she had been managing it with diet and exercise for over 50 years.  Her story actually brought tears to my eyes, giving me hope for my future.  Of course that hope also includes a cure for diabetes!

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