Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diabetes expo

Today our local hospital along with a kidney organization (sorry, forgot the name and yes I'll admit that I'm too lazy to go look) hosted a diabetes expo at one of our community college satellite campus buildings.  Overall, for our little town, it wasn't bad.  The last expo of sorts that I attended was at a grocery store and had three vendors plus a speaker.  This one had several vendors, exercise and food demonstrations, plus some health screenings.  They tested urine and blood, weight and BMI, as well as blood pressure.  My glucose was good in their eyes, 120 before lunch, but I want that to be my after lunch value.  I did find out I had a little blood in my urine, so I need to follow up with my doctor on that. 

My two youngest children came with me.  Considering they are six and nine years old, they did very well.  At first it was fun with all the freebies.  They even joined in during chair exercises with the other attendees.  I think it helped that they knew the physical therapist student who was leading the exercises.  She's a friend of mine and they know a couple of her children.  I loved the way she engaged everyone, my two young ones up through the young at heart.  Honestly, I feel that the more senior participants enjoyed having the kids participate as well.

The two girls did get bored toward the end when I was doing the health screening. You have to admit, having your mom go between four stations to get urine, blood, weight/bmi, and blood pressure checks done isn't as exciting as getting a new toothbrush and tote bag.  Thankfully they did have a few tables set up with coloring, so they colored for a while. 

This spring I am hoping to attend the ADA's diabetes expo.  I'm sure the one run by the ADA will have more kid-friendly and engaging activities.  It will be larger with more activities for everyone.  Even though I am looking forward to the larger expo, I am thankful for our small town hosting today's expo.  It's important to educate the community and increase awareness.  I have to admit that I did my part in educating some of the health care workers at the expo who assumed if I was diabetic then I must be Type 1.  The woman who took my blood pressure admitted to me that her ears perked up when I mentioned I was Type 2.  Just goes to show that we all have something to learn!

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