Friday, November 26, 2010


I've been taking part of NaBloPoMo this month.  The idea is to write on your blog every day during the month of November.  Wow!  So far I've done it!  I admit I've had the help of the alarm on my cell phone, set to 9:00 pm every night to remind me to post on my blog.  Tonight, however, I slept through that alarm.  Due to shopping at midnight last night then again this morning, I was sleep deprived.  Snuggling up to watch movies with the youngest two in the comfy recliner put me to sleep.  I only caught it when I staggered out of the chair and started heading toward bed.

My cell phone wasn't where I had placed it.  Instead it had found its way to where my second one had been sitting.  She has a silly habit of taking my phone and changing my Facebook status.  I turned on the phone only to find out (thankfully) she didn't post anything silly on my behalf, rather she had taken a picture with my cell phone.  It was a picture of the Christmas tree set up in the foyer.  She worked on that this afternoon with her two youngest sisters while hubby and I took the middle one to see Harry Potter.  (The two eldest saw it on Sunday with a group from church.)

The thing that strikes me in this picture is the perspective.  She took the picture from her spot on the couch.  The tree is looking pretty, all lit up and decorated.  The stockings are hanging from the banister.  Under the stockings is a picture the second one painted on newsprint.  It's a picture of a fireplace with a beautiful fire.  In the bottom left corner of the picture you see my feet up on the recliner's foot rest.  I'm wearing running shoes, though I don't run.  The shoes are very comfortable and worth the extra I spend on them.  On my right shoe is a pedometer.  I find it more accurate attached to my shoelace than my waistband. 

Of course I'm sitting here trying to figure out if there's some symbolism in this picture.  Yes, I believe their is.  On Christmas, we celebrate the gift of the baby Jesus.  Each Christmas I also celebrate the gift of diabetes.  Stay with me here a moment.  Yes, my blog icon contain the words "Diabetes sucks!" and it does.  However, as I have mentioned many times before, I have decided to find the positive side of my disease.  Diabetes has given me the opportunity to educate and advocate.  I have met some wonderful people thanks to diabetes.  People I might not have met if it wasn't for the common bond we have in diabetes.  Trust me, having a chronic condition really sucks, but if we can find the gift in our condition we can gain even more energy to fight it.

November has been an amazing month of self-discovery as I've posted in my blog over the last 26 days.  NaBloPoMo has only four days left, but I look forward the the future with my blog and where it will take me.

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