Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to blog about today?

I've never blogged this many days in a row, so I do have to admit that I'm not easily thinking of a topic tonight.  At first I was looking at the ADA prompt for today.  Then I looked at the prompt over at NaBloPoMo.  Neither really called to me.  Then I started writing about our evening at church polishing handbells, eating dinner, and participating in an Advent workshop.  Nothing was flowing.

Over the last two and a half years, I have been dealing with diabetes firsthand.  There are some days when someone asks, "How are you?" that I've wanted to honestly tell them the truth.  Some days I want to say, "The dog ate the garbage, I've been playing taxi driver all day, dealing with the never-ending mound of dishes and laundry, and my sugar is high.  How are you?"  Of course I don't say that, but there are times I've been tempted.  It's like calling the doctor's office only to hear, "Can you hold?" and wanting to reply, "No, I can't!"  (Unfortunately I had to reply that once when my youngest fell and cut her head, requiring stitches.)

Thankfully I've been blessed with a very supportive family.  I know I say this a lot, but honestly I don't think I can say it enough.  My husband and children are my biggest support.  They understand what my glucose numbers mean.  They understand carb counts, even if they don't totally understand what a carb is.  If I'm having a low, they don't hesitate to get me a snack and watch to make sure I'm ok.  They've never played diabetes police, though my hubby sometimes teases me.  "Ok, diabetic.  Put down that brownie.  You've already had one."  Although I know he may be serious, he says it in a loving, joking way to get his point across without getting me upset.

Some day there will be a cure for diabetes.  I am confident in that! Medications such as Metformin and insulin are not cures; they are treatments.  I pray a cure happens in my lifetime, but if it doesn't I know my children will continue the fight to rid the world of diabetes. 

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