Friday, November 5, 2010

Friends & Family Friday

Friday, November 5: “Friends & Family Friday” – Research shows that diabetes has a genetic component: Who in your family or circle of friends has diabetes?

I've already mentioned several times about my genetic connection with diabetes.  My mom has Type 2 as did her father.  I don't blame either one of them for my diabetes anymore than I blame them for my mousy brown hair (hmm, I think that actually came from my dad's side).  Like my hair color, I have a choice if I want to do something about it.  For a while I highlighted my hair, though now I have more natural highlights.  Actually I call them hairs lacking pigment.  However, unlike my hair, the choices I make about my diabetes affect my life and health.  Also in my family, though not genetically related are my father-in-law with Type 2, my husband's aunt with Type 1, and a couple other aunts and uncles with Type 2.

Yes, I have several friends with diabetes, Type 1 and 2.  Some of them I met before diabetes and some of them I met because of it.  Honestly, diabetes ties us closer together.  It's almost like a family.

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