Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas shopping has officially begun

Since my husband doesn't read my blog, I'm safe to announce that I have bought his first Christmas gift today.  Every year I renew his Astronomy magazine subscription and buy him their calendar.  One year, however, I forgot to order his calendar.  He didn't believe me!  Ok, I did start laughing every time he questioned me, but it was more of a nervous laugh.  The publisher had sold out, so I had to call around to book stores across the state until I found one that had the calendar.  The book store manager was great and even shipped it to me via priority mail!  I wrapped it unopened, still in the envelope, to prove to him that I had actually forgotten and the effort I went through to make sure to get him his traditional gift.  Yesterday the renewal notice for Astronomy magazine came in the mail, so today I called in the order for the magazine, calendar, and one of their special issues.

Now to get started on shopping for everyone else...

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