Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Horror

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays with the children.  I love helping them dress up and show off their costumes.  I also enjoy taking them door to door to trick or treat, even when it's cold and windy.  The one part I don't like since becoming a diabetic is not being able to eat all the yummy treats I desire.  Sunday afternoon I got ill from too much sugar in my system, followed by almost crippling stomach cramps, and glucose levels over 170.  Today I feel almost like I have the flu.  My fasting was 123 this morning which isn't unusual for me.  Two hours after lunch my glucose was at 130.  An hour later I was 120.  I don't want to move.  My body feels like my blood has turned into molasses.  "Normal" people would think they just need to eat something to get that energy level back up.  Hey, look at all that candy sitting on the counter!  For me, however, the thing I crave the most will only cause me to drag even lower as my sugar goes higher.

I still love Halloween - the dressing up, walking the neighborhood with the kids, and yes even the candy.  I just need to learn how to keep my cravings under control.  Moderation not deprivation.

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