Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Diabetes and holiday dinners

We're lucky for Thanksgiving that it will be just our immediate family, so I can make sure that we have food here that I can gorge myself on.  Turkey, non-starchy vegetables, salad.  Yes, we'll also have plenty of carbs, too, but I know that I can make a majority of my meal low-carb.  We do have growing children, so we have to have some carbs available for them.  I won't promise to stay away from the carbs, though. 

It's not as easy to be "picky" when you're having a holiday meal at the home of someone else.  I've heard some suggest eating something beforehand, so then you only need to take a small plate.  Others have suggested bringing a dish (or two) that you know you'll be able to eat.  I would love to hear from other diabetics about how you handle holiday dinners. 

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