Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon and Christmas wishes

This morning was filled with church-centered activities. This afternoon is full of nothing. Ahhhhh! What a wonderful thing! I'm just sitting her in my wing back chair with my laptop. Only thing on the calender for the rest of the day is bell choir practice for dd3. I'm anxious to start Christmas shopping but I need to figure out what I'm going to get the kids. We also need to figure out what to get the extended family. I'll probably do a lot of homemade items this year. (Not going to post any ideas in case they are reading my blog.)

What do I want for Christmas? Honestly, I'd be happy with a cure for diabetes. Yes, that's all. But just in case Santa doesn't bring that this year, I'm thinking some exercise clothes, maybe a heart rate monitor watch, and a regular date for hubby and me with the treadmills at the YMCA.

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