Sunday, November 22, 2009

We need a vacation!

Do you ever have a day where you just need to get away from it all?  Work, housework, school, playing taxi driver?  Oh I am so there!  I would love it if we could just get away for a few days.  Everyone is kind of cranky today.  The kids only have two days of school this coming week and hubby has taken some vacation time.  However we're not going anywhere.  We have our big turkey thawing in the refrigerator and our menu is planned.  I'm still debating if I'm going shopping on Friday or not.  I still need to go over the ads and decide.  What I wouldn't give for a little get-away right now.

Do you diabetics ever want a vacation?  Time to get away from the finger sticks, watching your carbs, exercise, and medications.  Oh I do!  I'll admit that some days I'm jealous of those of you who take oral meds or inject insulin.  Some days I wish I could just calculate a dose of insulin and eat whatever I'd like.  Now my mind is not so distorted that I think that's a good thing.  It just sounds appealing once in a while.  There are times that I feel blessed that I'm diet and exercised controlled, but other days I feel extra pressure.  I feel that I need to prove something at times. 

Most of the time I feel I need to be Super Mom, Super Diabetic, Super Wife, and/or Super Person.  Since we have five kids, I feel I need to be Super Mom to prove that I can handle my five better than others can handle their two or three kids.  Since I'm young, not overweight, and diet/exercise controlled, I feel that puts pressure on me to be Super Diabetic and have perfect numbers.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I feel the need to be Super Wife/Person by having a clean house, meals planned and prepared, and an organized life.  Maybe I need a vacation from the pressure I put on myself!

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