Monday, November 9, 2009

Headaches & french fries

This morning I was working at the drop-in nursery at the YMCA. I started the morning off with a little headache that started to grow, but I could still tolerate it. Then the kids started playing with the toy food and serving me. They gave me three servings of french fries. I started talking to my co-worker about hot, salty McDonald french fries. YUM! *drool*

According to the McDonald's website, a large fry has 63 carbs. SIXTY-THREE!?!?! ACK! But yes, I still was craving the yummy carb filled goodness. I wound up getting a Snickers bar. *sigh* It was only 35 carbs in comparison, so although a better choice, definitely not the best choice I could have made for a snack. Thankfully my breakfast and lunch were pretty low-carb, so I should be ok. Right?

Why is it when I should be avoiding certain foods that I crave them the most? My lunch was delicious, but since I was still craving those french fries it was only ok. Thankfully the Advil has kicked in and my head only has a mild ache, not the throbbing that was going on at lunch.

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