Saturday, November 7, 2009

A day not according to plan

Well this morning started off nice.  Hubby and I woke up a little early, enjoying the quiet without children.  Then around 7:20 am dd3 asked if dd2 had a band thing today.  OMG!  Get your sister up NOW!  In 20 minutes flat she got up, got dressed, and out the door.  Whew!  I got her there a little early even!  Then she was finding her spot and her music... Umm, were you supposed to bring your music stand.  She was *so* lucky that this event was in town (some kids traveled hours for this event).  Called the oldest asking her to start looking for her sister's music stand as I drove home.  I got home to oldest telling me she only found half of her sister's stand, but (oh I love this) dd2 could borrow dd1's music stand today.  Problem solved!  I run back over and give her the music stand in plenty of time. 

Then I ran back home to get ready for my Aqua Fit class.  Oh that was an awesome workout once again!  Three of us went into the hot tub for a little while before hitting the showers.  Hubby was waiting for me when I finally finished (he went on the treadmill).  Then it was time to take dd1 to get her hair done.  She got the back shortened up a bit, plus got really light blonde, almost white and red streaks on the front half of her head.  It looks cool!

While dd1 was getting her hair done, I had to pick up dd2 from the band thing for lunch, drop her off at home to eat, pick up dd1 from her hair appointment, drop her off for lunch, take dd2 back to the band thing, then come home and have my own lunch in time to turn around and go back to the band thing for their concert.  *whew*  They did a wonderful job!

Well we're back home but hubby and I are both tired from our morning workout plus I'm tired from all the running around.  I think the yard clean-up is going to have to wait until tomorrow, though dd3-5 are out there now having fun with the rakes.  At least we'll have the work started... I hope.

Through all of this craziness I believe I've been able to keep my glucose levels steady.  I really need to get better about regular testing and logging.  Hey, if insurance pays for the test strips and I have a stash, what's holding me back, right?

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