Friday, November 20, 2009

Tips for a cheap take out dinner

We decided as a family that Friday nights would be take-out.  However with some unexpected expenses plus Thanksgiving next week, we wanted to cut a little off our budget.  Instead of getting full meals, this is what we did...

Instead of individual sodas, I bought two 2-liter bottles of generic soda for 78cents each.  That probably saved me $5-7 right there.  Then instead of buying fries, we dipped into the bags of potatoes that I got last week (5 lbs for 88cents).  My wonderful husband (who ordered two small cheeseburgers at half the price of his usual chicken sandwich) cut up a bunch of potatoes, put a little olive oil and seasoning on them, then popped them in the oven.  Our fries were baked with the skins on, so they were healthier!  So instead of buying seven combo meals, I bought several sandwiches off the value menu (99cents each) plus a salad for me.  It did bother me to spend more on my meal than the others, but that's the price of diabetes.  I was also not having any of the homemade fries (ok I had one or two, but that's all!).

Usually dinner from this hamburger joint that sells square patties (Where's the beef?) costs our family of seven over $30.  Tonight I was able to feel us a special take-out treat for less than $15! Add the two bottles of soda and half a bag of potatoes, and the meal cost us about $17.   It's nice to treat our family to something special without breaking the bank. 

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