Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey overload

We had our big Thanksgiving meal with turkey on Thursday, leftovers with turkey, gravy, added peas over bread or stuffing on Friday, turkey sandwiches for lunch today - my two teenagers vetoed anything with turkey for dinner tonight.  So we had McDonald's.  Afterall, McRibs are back!  :)

Thankfully I went swimming for 1.5 yrs with the younger three.  Usually when I take them, I put a "bubble" on the youngest (flotation device that is a foam block with a belt).  Today she only wore it for about two minutes, swimming without the rest of the time.  Of course that kept me busy the whole time, following her around to make sure she didn't tire out while too far from a wall to hold onto.  She did great!  I just know she'll pass to the next level at the end of this session of swim lessons.

I should have decorated outside today.  It was beautiful!  Very sunny and close to 60*!  However after swimming with the kids, I was tired.  Of course now it's almost 6:30 pm and it's dark outside.  Hopefully I can sweet talk hubby into doing some of it or I'll try to do some on Monday since I have a commitment tomorrow afternoon.  Of course tomorrow morning is church, the first Sunday in advent.  The girls and I have been asked to light the first advent candle.  I love this season, especially when most of my shopping is already done.  I love shopping but I also like hanging back and enjoying the magic of the season.  At church last Sunday, the girls and I, along with another family, passed out family advent devotionals.  I'm hoping to follow through with it this year with them.  I want them to fully understand what this holiday is all about - our Savior's birth!

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