Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baking and shopping

We've done a bit of baking here and it's still not done.  Hubby and a couple of the young ones made a chocolate pudding pie (sugar free pudding) earlier today.  Right now they're working on two homemade pumpkin pies.  The pie crust is from scratch and he even used a pie pumpkin, not canned.  I made monster chocolate chip cookies with the forth child.  They were huge!  Only five per cookie sheet.  Oh so yummy, but honestly not very low carb.  Our second child has sugar cookie dough chilling in the fridge.  Tomorrow will be a day fully of delicious food and time with my husband and children with no other obligations.  For that, I am thankful!

Of course Friday involves Black Friday shopping.  In today's mail we received our free county shopper/newspaper with ads for several stores.  I was excited about planning ahead for Friday's shopping.  But where was the ad for the evil empire?  I had seen their ad online but I get overwhelmed by the online ads.  I have an easier time getting organized with the print ad.  I called the store and was informed it should have been in the mail.  Their ad typically comes separate as their own mailer.  Nope.  I even posted on FB, asking if anyone else local to me got their ad.  Someone mentioned that it came in the paper today, but not the free issue.  So I called the newspaper where it was confirmed that the ad I was missing would be in the newspaper.  I gathered together three quarters and agreed to join hubby to the grocery store where I knew a paper box was to be found.  Surprisingly I waited until we were leaving the store to purchase my newspaper.  Before leaving the parking lot, however, I made sure the ad I wanted was in there.  If it was missing, my plan was to have hubby drive over to the newspaper office to acquire the ad.  Thankfully it was there which made me very happy (and hubby happy, too, because I was no longer moping about not having that ad).

Now my plan is to carefully go through each ad to see what stores I need to visit on which days and times.  My plan is to keep my spending low.  After all, the focus of Christmas should be on the birth of our Savior, not putting us further into debt.

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